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  • 4,55 €

    FLASH EFFECT AURA instant tightening and firming skin treatment. In a few moments, the feeling of tiredness and fatigue disappear. So, we get a radiant effect in seconds, it stays for hours. DSA also rich with "draft optical effect of wrinkles." Finally GOLD, offering maximum luminosity throughout the day is added. We can not forget your makeup fixative...

    4,55 €
  • 16,45 €

    TWO PHASE CLEANER INTEGRAL TWO PHASE CLEANING | CLEANER INTEGRAL DEFINITION | INTEGRAL CLEANSING Cleansing and comprehensive cleaner face, eyes and lips. SKIN BENEFITS Removes all types of makeup, even waterproof. APPLICATION Shake the bottle well until the two phases are well mixed. Two cotton pads soaked in cleaner-Phase. Slip cottons with neck...

    16,45 €
  • 15,70 €


    15,70 €
  • 17,36 €

    B E N E F I C I O S E N L A P I E L Arrugas paulatinamente difuminadas. Efecto firmeza multi-direccional. La piel resulta firme, tersa y elástica A P L I C A C I ÓN Aplicamos el equivalente a una avellana de crema, realizando un suave masaje con movimientos de extensión en dirección ascendente sobre la cara, cuello y escote hasta su total absorción. A C T...

    17,36 €
  • 20,25 €

    N O X | N I G H T DESCRIPTION | FACIAL RESTORATIVE Redensificadora facial cream. Lipid restorative and strengthens the skin. Reconstructed skin, soft and juicy. SKIN BENEFITS Feeling of relaxation; reconstituted skin supple and juicy. APPLICATION We extend a small amount of product made with whole hand pressure on the face and neck, simulating a windy,...

    20,25 €
  • 23,14 €

    REJUVENATING ELIXIR TENSION Sericum ELIXIR is an excellent remedial treatment of cutaneous water. With ELIXIR got a eudermic skin extraordinarily soft and silky. DESCRIPTION moisturizing Cell Rejuvenating cream, restorative skin relief and tension. Factory anti-oxidant enzymes. Loss recovery cell water. SKIN BENEFITS   Uniform color and silky, smooth and...

    23,14 €
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items